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Easily manage any type of audit and assessment

Schedule and complete audits, assessments and visits through a single system; ideal for measuring and addressing the performance of your supply chains.

Greenlight Assessments enables technical teams to securely and effectively schedule and complete audits and visits, through a single, collaborative system. Accuracy, consistency and integrity are maintained through embedded validation rules, and automatic alerts and notifications improve the workflow and tighten up processes between you and your stakeholders.

The Greenlight Assessments iPad app makes data collection truly portable. It is simple to use, removes duplication of data entry and means that you no longer need to take your computer with you when completing an audit offline.

Key benefits:
Demonstrate compliance
Have immediate access to supply chain analytics, so you can easily view progress and performance of audits/assessments. Use this data to drive improvements in best practice across your supply chain, and ensure suppliers are upholding your brand values.

Reduce costs and add value
The use of mobile apps allows auditors to work both on and offline, so they can capture data in the field; avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort and speeding up operational processes.

Monitor and measure performance
Collect and access large volumes of data from across your supply chain using a single cloud-based platform. Remove paper, subjectivity and duplicity from the audit, visit and assessment process. Visual reports allow you to identify issues and spot trends immediately.

Connect with your supply base
All of your assessment data is held in one place, which is accessible to you and your supply chain partners, so everyone is aligned. This ensures a standardised and consistent approach to data collection.

Success story:
It provides another simple and flexible way for Unilever suppliers to collect data. Assessments can now be completed when travelling or during farm visits, making data collection and submission a more efficient and streamlined process. This means that Unilever can view supplier sustainability achievements without delay.

Partnerships with our suppliers are key to us delivering the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and this is another step in the right direction.

David Pendlington
Procurement Operations Director

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