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Grower Management

Share field and cropping data with all stakeholders

Connect with your farmers, agronomists and contractors to quickly access, update and share field and crop activity.

Greenlight Grower Management is an online system that connects the agri-food community together, ensuring whoever
undertakes the task – and wherever they are based – cropping records are completed quickly and efficiently.

For those users that are completing crop recording activity in the field, our offline mobile app has the potential to
completely change the way farmers, contractors and agronomists work.

Key benefits:
Connect with your supply base
Farmers, agronomists and contractors can access, update and share field activity using our easy-to-use web and mobile apps. Automatic, wireless syncing means that your crop information is available in real-time.

Demonstrate compliance
Secure sharing of field and crop data is essential in delivering confidence to customers that the crop meets their growing protocol and exacting quality requirements.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

All of your cropping records can be completed quickly and efficiently using mobile apps; avoiding unnecessary
duplication of effort and speeding up operational processes.

Greater transparency
With all data held in a centralised location, you and your supply chain partners will have full transparency of product from crop establishment to harvest.

Success story:
With an increase in both workloads and the need to record greater levels of information, it became important for us to be able to access up-to-date information and legislation at the point required and at the touch of a button, rather than having to be back in the office in front of the PC.

Greenlight Grower Management meets all of our requirements; it enables us to capture all necessary information with mobile technology and automatically publish the information onto the Greenlight cloud, providing live and complete records for us and our farmers to access.

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Lewis McKerrow
Agronomist and Head of Precision/Technology

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