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Radicle Soil Health Laboratory and Consulting Service is part of the Radicle Group.

We promote sustainable and resilient agricultural practices with particular emphasis on conservation agriculture.
We aid the regeneration of over worked and degenerated soils.

We provide analytical services that:

Services Offered: 
Solvita 24 hour CO2 Burst test:
The complete soil health tool (Haney Analysis)
Mycorrhizae Spore Count
Solvita Labile Amino- Nitrogen Analyses (SLAN Test)
Compost Maturity
Soil Health and Conservation Agricultural Workshops

Module 1. Introductory overview of soil health. Soil structure, the components, functions, characteristics, processes in healthy soil as well as Soil life. How these components form a relationship in a healthy soil. How the soil as a living entity can gradually be degraded

Module 2. Soil Chemistry and soil Biology how it impacts on healthy soils. The importance of cation exchange capacity its building process. Soil chemical corrective measures. An overview of soil life and the representation in healthy soil.

Module 3.The inter connectivity between the soil life and the plant life through the root rhizosphere. The signaling systems that maintain this relationship. The symbiotic carbon and nutrient trade between the two systems.

Module 4. The importance of Mycorrhizae as soil fungus complex within a healthy soil. How it functions and the symbiotic process as well as the biology of this fungus complex described. The decomposition of organic matter describing the different forms and functions of soil organic matter.

Module 5. The different air nitrogen to soil binding systems. The Rhizobium, free air and Frankia systems. Other important soil microbial tasks.

Module 6. Practices that cause soil degradation and the progressive stadia of development. How this degradation takes place.

Module 7. Soil Health Analyses. The most relevant analyses available with particular emphasis on the Solvita soil respiration and Haney Soil Health Tool (SHT) and the practical and valuable information that can be achieved from these analyses. Choosing the tests best suited for your particular situation.

Module 8. Conservation Agriculture. The basic concepts and how to go about starting with this all important practice.

Module 9. Cover crops. The importance, what can be achieved with them. Cover crop selection and the periodic table of cover crops. This power point presentation is followed by two videos prepared by the NRCS in the USA illustrating their importance and what can be achieved.

Video 1. Building healthy soils.
Video 2. The Science of healthy soils.

Module 10. Biochar and other organic soil amendments. The basics regarding characteristics. What you need to know about the specification.

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