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Supplier Approval
Greenlight Supplier Approval gives businesses total confidence that every product from every consignment comes from a validated source that meets their customers’ protocol.¬†¬†This online system connects all members of your supply chain together to easily access, update and share due diligence information.
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Quality Control
With product quality specifications held in a centralised location, any updates are instantly communicated to all connected devices. This ensures you deliver an accurate and consistent approach to quality control, which will drive waste and cost out of your business.
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This system allows technical teams to securely and effectively schedule and complete audits, assessments and visits through a single, collaborative system, ideal for measuring and addressing the performance of your supply chains. Our new iPad App is simple to use, removes duplication of data entry and means that you no longer need to take your computer with you when completing an audit offline.
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Grower Management
This online crop management system allows farmers, agronomists and contractors to quickly access, update and share field activity from any location using our web and mobile apps. Automatic, wireless syncing means that your latest crop information is always available, making field recording and data sharing quick, simple and efficient.
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Disease Forecasting
Crop Systems via the Dacom insect/disease modelling allows our specialist agronomists to monitor climate driven incidents for accurate and timely recommendations. We offer this on multiple crops and pests and are able to accurately predict applications of fungicides/insecticides and insure more profitable use of resources and lower the impact on the environment.
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Soil Analysis
Measuring for sustainability starts with an in depth analysis of soil. All the activities related to agriculture revolves around soil as the primary resource. Soil is a living, breathing entity and the home of an extremely sensitive ecosystem with critical balances of microbiologically active diversity of species that contributes significantly to the nutritional requirements of plants. Radicle Labs offers the latest technology in physical, chemical and more importantly biological analysis of your farms soil.
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Soil Moisture Management
Soil moisture is the hidden variable as it is below ground and out of sight. The Crop Systems soil management program Crop Schedule, which presents the soil moisture data in a user friendly app on your mobile device or tablet, is the most complete of its kind in the field. This allows in field decision making possible owing to the automated transfer of data . The AgriLeap communication device plus our soil moisture probes ensure regular fault free recording is transferred continuously.
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