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Disease Forcasting

Prevention is better than cure.

Crop Systems: via the Dacom insect/ disease modelling: allows our specialist agronomists to monitor climate driven incidents for accurate and timely recommendations. We offer this on multiple crops and pests and are able to accurately predict applications of fungicides/insecticides and ensure more profitable use of resources and lower the impact on the environment.

We supply farmers with a fully automated internet-based 5-day disease forecast program for their agricultural crops.

Key benefits:

  • Block or field specific recommendations
  • Integrated 10-day weather forecast for your area
  • Recommendations on most suited “type”of application (systemic vs. contract)
  • Available through a standard internet connection
  • Support from and access for your local chemical advisor
  • Transparency during the spraying program
  • Traceability for your buyers
  • Optimum input, maximum protection

A full ETO weather station


Success story:

We implemented DACOM in 2009 to assist in the production of Brassica seeds. We’re situated on the West Coast of South Africa, where produce is on very sandy soils. In order to give the plant the correct amount of water and fertilizers, irrigation needs to be precise.

The disease forecast is extremely helpful in a crop that is producing seed. These crops are more vulnerable for diseases over a nine month production period. We often had crops that were completely destroyed by diseases, but since we implemented the disease forecast model, we could issue warning s to growers in advance, with fantastic results. the disease forecast also increased chemical spraying effectiveness and increased the productivity of the growers. Growers are saving up to 40% of their irrigation water, due to the forecast model of the DACOM system.


Oubaas Kersop
Seed Production Manager


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