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Quality Control

Ensure product quality meets your customer requirements

Centralise your product specifications to ensure you deliver an accurate and consistent approach to quality control, driving waste and cost out of your business.

Greenlight Quality Control ensures that all aspects of quality are available in one centralised location for you and your
stakeholders to easily access, update and share information instantly. This gives you complete visibility on the performance of your sites, suppliers and products in real-time.

With all of this data available at your fingertips, your teams can focus on the high risk products/suppliers; ensuring attention is being paid to the right things at the right time, reducing the risk of poor quality product getting onto the shelf.

Key benefits:
Demonstrate compliance
Give all supply chain members real-time access to a centralised product specification, so they can always meet your customers quality and compliance standards.

Connect with suppliers
Members of your supply chain can easily access, update and share quality data in real-time; giving you total visibility of the performance of your products and sites.

Monitor and measure performance
All quality inspection data from grower to retailer is collected in a consistent format online via a mobile device; adding rigour to the compliance process and removing the need for paper. This generates invaluable real-time data and metrics on supplier and product performance.

Reduce waste
Improve the consistency in the product offer to the customer. Drive rejection waste out of your supply chain and identify key areas for improvement.

Success story:

Traceability, quality assurance and compliance is paramount for the products destined for our shelves. Muddy Boots’ dashboard capability gives teams a real-time view of the performance of our supply base. We can now view site, supplier and product performance in one place, which has enabled us to drive significant efficiencies through waste reductions, and identify and mitigate risk from our supply chain.


Hugh Mowat
Head of Quality – Produce and Horticulture

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