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Supplier Approval

Manage the approval status of your suppliers

Easily access, update and share due diligence information to ensure that your supply chain is always safe and approved to supply.

Greenlight Supplier Approval gives businesses total confidence that every product from every consignment comes from a validated source that meets their customers’ protocol. With all supplier information held in one centralised and secure
location, our customers have instant access, and complete visibility of the approval status of both products and suppliers.

The integration with GLOBALG.A.P. makes this process even easier. Now, Greenlight Supplier Approval can sync certificate and grower information from the GLOBALG.A.P. database, driven by a unique number. This saves significant time by reducing the need to manually upload and monitor GLOBALG.A.P. certificates.

Key benefits:

Greater transparency
Have total transparency of the approval status of your sites, suppliers and products to mitigate risk from your supply chain.

Conect with suppliers
Connect with your suppliers online so you can manage, share and validate all information relating to the approval status of your supply chains. Suppliers and customers can access the system and update information from any location.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency
By holding supporting evidence for approvals in one place you will significantly reduce the time spent on managing this process. The automatic alerts tell you when an action is required, so you no longer need to continuously monitor your data.

Total confidence
Map your supply chains from grower to your customer and have confidence that all products are from an approved source.

Success story:

Quality management nowadays is not just about having a great tool like the GLOBALG.A.P. database or Muddy Boots’ Greenlight Supplier Approval; it’s about getting companies and systems to talk to each other. If we are going to manage all this data on a global scale, keep it up-to-date and save time and resources in the process, we need intelligent systems and we need intelligent people who work together to ensure that we are all operating in the most efficient way possible.


Ben Horsbrugh
Director of Quality Management

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