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Soil Moisture Management

Measure and send automatically data about the current soil moisture conditions, soil temperature, rainfall and irrigation.

Water is one of the most important factors in crop growth. This occasionally necessitates the irrigation of crops during the growing season.

The key is to irrigate the right volume at the right moment. By installing a soil moisture sensor in the grower’s field, the Dacom irrigation solution shows what the daily water consumption of the crop has been throughout the different soil layers. This data can be used to determine the optimum time for irrigation. This prevents both damage due to drought stress and excessive watering.

The data provides information about the:

Optimizing crop water usage results in an increase in yield and quality crops. For this purpose, we use the same Adcon- equipment as we do for the weather stations. This takes care of the same quality and compatibility, for the hardware is exchangeable and the system can easily be added to your existing Dacom network.

Key benefits:

State of the art technology
Soil Moisture is the hidden variable as it is below ground and out of sight. The Crop Systems soil management program, Crop Scheduler, is the most complete of its kind in the field.

Mobile application
Crop Scheduler presents the soil moisture data in a user friendly app on your mobile device or tablet. This feature allows for in-field decision making, owing to the automated transfer of data.

Fault free recording
The AgriLeap communication device plus our soil moisture probes ensure regular fault free recording is transferred continuously.

Success story:

We farm with dairy of which 386ha is under overhead irrigation. Irrigation water comes from our own dams, a sea fountain and the Klippedrif irrigation scheme. Under normal circumstances we milk 1400 cows which, in the summer months, puts the available grazing under a lot of pressure. Although we have resources, water is precious and this has forced me to apply the irrigation as effectively as possible.

During 2008 I was introduced to Cropsystems, probes were installed under all the overhead irrigations. This made the scheduling much easier! Various factors such as wind speed and ground temperature were added and together with the probes, had a huge influence on the improvement of water consumption for irrigation.

We know exactly what the needs for each overhead is. The system is easy to manage and I can decide what needs to be done without having to consult with a consultant first. We start each day by checking the probes on the computer and then planning irrigation for the day.

Arthur Loretz
Brandkop Boerdery

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