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Crop Systems supply integrated information technology solutions as well as agricultural risk management applications to agriculture and other peripherals, which will ensure accountability through practical technology, profitable agronomy and local expertise and services.

Crop Systems forms part of the Radicle Group. Radicle Group is an agricultural business which differentiates itself by supplying an integrated cloud based agricultural advisory service linked to crop nutrition and crop protection solutions in South Africa and Southern Africa.

The Radicle Group is able to provide the farmer with a comprehensive range of products and services: from fertilizers and crop protection to innovative information technology services in precision farming.

Crop Systems supply the following services to its clients:

An integrated system to manage its production (Dacom digital farming)
1. Mobile and web application
2. Record field activities in field
3. Record all activities and enable easy transfer of vital crop records
4. Generate reports for MRL and EuroGAP audits Irrigation scheduling

Disease and insect modelling and forecasting services
1. Allow agronomist to monitor climate driven incidents for accurate and timely
2. Block and field specific recommendations
3. Recommend on most suitable type application
4. Interactive with grower
5. Use current and forecasted weather for modelling
6. Numerous models on various crops

Irrigation scheduling
1. Irrigation scheduling, covering intermittent soil moisture measurement, continuous soil moisture measurement and irrigation scheduling solutions;;
2. Use both Crop Scan and Dacom software to look at data received from probe via the data logger and to make scheduling decisions.
3. Crop Systems’ purpose is to empower the client to schedule his own irrigation with the assistance of our equipment rather than to make the client dependent on our service.

Weather stations
1. Assist to obtain micro climate data for disease forecasting models
2. High frequency measurement interval to obtain accurate data analysis
3. High quality hardware
4. Support wide range of digital and analog sensors

Satellite images
1. NDVI Maps
2. New images every 5 days
3. Assist agronomist and farmer to detect changes and identify management issues like spray misses and leaking irrigation pipes
4. Reflect high and low vegetation areas
5. Organise farm's imagery, maps and records in one online farming portal
6. Show farm field boundaries, historic imagery, productivity maps, moisture maps, laboratory results, soil nutrient maps, topography maps

Water quality management
1. Control Microbial Activity -ˇ by controlling the bio-ˇslimes a natural decrease in pathogens will occur
2. Control of Scale Build-ˇup -ˇ controlling the bio-ˇ slimes within the irrigation network will stop organic and non-ˇorganic particles to form scale in the irrigation network.

Cold-ˇroom monitoring
1. Online monitoring on mobile device or personal computer
2. Can connect any amount of sensors