The SDI-12 Logger is capable of collecting data from a maximum of 30 individual sensor units and capable of logging up to 250 parameters for measuring a wide range of plant, soil and atmospheric properties with a varies sensors. GPRS Data Logger Lora Wan Data Logger

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Leap Electronics

  • Sdi12 Telemetry Revision 2.1 / 2.2
  • Delivering data has never been as easy as the RTU Rev 2.1 and 2.2 device
  • IP-68 rated enclosure and connector will take care of the environmental conditions.
  • Compatible with nearly all manufactures’ SDI-12 sensors making this device suitable for a variant of applications.

Key Features:

  • Solar powered, with up to 30 days backup power (depending on battery)
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Replaceable Solar Panel
  • Magnet (Reed Switch) Intrusion Free Reset Control
  • SIM Card Module
  • Integrated charging circuit
  • GPS add-on and support
  • Sound (Beeper) & LED operation confirmation
  • WiFi Interface for peripheral diagnostics and set-up
  • WiFi firmware updates
  • Storage (Data) reset via WiFi Mobile Network Operator and SIM configuration over WiFi
  • Pulse Counter (Available through WiFi diagnostics)
  • 2.5V Analog Pin (Available through WiFi diagnostics)
  • SDI12 support (Available through WiFi diagnostics)
  • Hibernation Mode for Storage