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Prevention is better than Cure

Crop Management is the next step after proper analysis of the soil and water . Crop Systems has invested in real time technology in bringing together all the measured factors influencing production: Weather | Insect/Disease presence | Crop activity

Crop Systems via the Dacom insect/disease modeling allows our specialist agronomists to monitor climate driven incidents for accurate and timely recommendations. We offer this on multiple crops and pests and are able to accurately predict applications of fungicides/insecticides and insure more profitable use of resources and lower the impact on the environment.

Measuring for profitability

Soil Moisture is the hidden variable as it is below ground and out of sight. The Crop Systems soil management program Crop Scheduler which presents the soil moisture data in a user friendly app on your mobile device or tablet is the most complete of its kind in the field. This allows in field decision making possible owing to the automated transfer of data. The AgriLeap communication device plus our soil moisture probes ensure regular fault free recording is transferred continuously

Smart Farming in the Cloud

Farmers are crippled now days with the masses of paperwork and audits they have to complete to insure their end produce is marketable. GreenLight Grower Management is a cloud based farm management system for pesticide, fertiliser, agronomy and record keeping which allows the grower on his Ipad to maintain records on the go.

Greenlight Grower feeds into the retail sector, exporter and agri processor chain with Supplier Approval, Quality Control and Assessments from Muddy Boots Software. This enables easy transfer of vital crop records, MRL and EurepGap audits among many others allowing hassle free and efficient information to be handed across . 5 out of 7 top retailers use this system for quality control and insuring suppliers are at their specific standards.

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