Enriching water to better quality, naturally. Biosprite offers our clients natural solutions to manage algea and reduce bio-film in irrigation systems.

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A solar powered pump sucks in untreated water and disinfects using the Biosprite process. Clean water is expelled at the top providing propulsion. Patented (PCT WO 2012/095828) silver and copper ionization process, combined with the injection of air micro-bubbles and the generation of oxygen through electrolysis.

AG+ + CU2+ + AIR + O2 (O*)

This combination enhances the biocidal effect of the ions which inhibits the growth of algae and bio-films.


When positive charged ions travel through the water they will attach themselves to the cell wall of the bacteria in the bio- slime and puncture the cell wall, upset the enzymes, killing the bacteria.

Control of Scale Build-Up With the bio-film (bio-slime) controlled within the irrigation network, organic or non-organic particles unable to attach to the bio-film, the scale forming process been interrupted and decrease in the irrigation network.

Control of Microbial Activity Pathogens and bacteria will grow within the bio-slimes if not maintained properly. By controlling the bio-slimes a natural decrease in pathogens will occur.


BioSprite uses natural methods to decrease harmful pathogens found in water. There is increasing concern that potentially human and animal pathogens, inadvertently introduced into irrigation supplies from polluted surface water resources, may be transferred to food crops during irrigation. By installing BioSprite technology, pathogens were dramatically reduced.


  • 100% Compliant to the South Africa Irrigation Water Act of 1998
  • 100% Environmentally Safe
  • 100% Effective in the control of bio- film and algae and reduce the formation of scale
  • 100% Effective on hot water and cold water
  • 100% Effective at varied levels of pH
  • 65% Less expensive compared to other disinfectants
  • 0% Dangerous by products
  • 0% Corrosion
  • 0% Harmful Chemicals used
  • EPA Registered for control of Legionella Same day installation